Mission Vision & Goals

Inspired by Utpal Dutt and initiated single handedly in 1986 as a hobby for collecting theater posters this personal project gradually metamorphosed into an endeavor to establishing a Theater Archive. The transformation specifically took place in 2011. The Theater Archive is basically a repository of theater posters along with collection of other ancillary theater materials, such as, drama scripts, director notes, light, set and costume design plans, handbills, posters, leaflets, booklets, folders, brochures, tickets, photographs, magazines, journals, souvenirs, and multimedia documentation on theater and theater activities. This is a genuine venture for preserving country’s theatrical history, tradition, self-entity with a view to creating a National Theater Archive, which in time shall be converted in to a rich information resource and documentation center catering the needs of researchers, experts, students and activists. It aims at providing the state of traditional and contemporary theater activities too. Exhibitions sponsored/organized by the Archives often can enthuse people about performing art, which is one of the major activities of the Theater Archive. Above all this Archive would work as a lighthouse to guide the activists in their journey through theater. So far all theater personalities, activists and groups, as well as theater stakeholders of all stratum of life have mustered together to implement the plan for establishing this Theater Archive. 

The Theater Archive envisions as follows:

  • build up a community with the combination of audiences and activists that will put strong value and importance to theater;
  • put a combined community effort to enhance theater activities towards creating an unbiased and unprejudiced society;
  • develop a devoted and reciprocal community through study, research and archivist mindset;
  • establish the archive as a resource and documentation center/forum that can contribute to the world theater;
  • run under a set organogram to organize conferences, seminars and exhibitions to promote theater practices across the country that in turn will benefit theater activities constitute an intellectual society.

The prime goal of the Theater Archive is to be a research resource center/forum meant for theater scholars, students and activists, and promote knowledge-based theater practice. Towards achieving the goal, Theater Archive shall:

  • document every single theatrical endeavor be it small or big, significant or insignificant so that a comprehensive theatrical legacy of the country becomes traceable by the future generation;
  • encourage theater experts, scholars, students and activists to use The Archive for researching, studying, andusing it as a resource center/forum;
  • disseminate all forms of information on ongoing theater researches, theater practices and documentations (printed or electronic);
  • enlarge the existing volume of archiving to an extent of global standard through preservation of documents and materials from personal or organizational sources at home and abroad;
  • cooperate actively in the development of the local and interregional theater and encourage and coordinate the local theater group festivals, workshops, conferences, meetings as well as exhibitions and competitions.

To achieve the mission, vision and goals of the Theater Archive, the executives and members of the Archive shall be guided by the principles of respect and dedication toward theater.